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Brandexcel is a leading Athens-based branding company, delivering branding and design solutions for businesses and their products and services. Specializing in corporate and product identity and environmental and retail branding, Brandexcel offers strategic thinking and creative of the highest international standards. Our business is to build brand excellence.Our team of branding professionals combines Greek ingenuity and market knowledge with international experience and insights. Our employees come from diverse cultural backgrounds, and have worked on brands that are household names around the world. Our branding experts in New York and London work with our Athens-based creative team on each and every project we undertake.Brandexcel is a member of the CBX/Coleman Worldwide Partnership and its representative in Greece and the Balkans. CBX, is a US full-service branding firm with operating offices in 19 countries worldwide. The company specializes in packaging and private label design, corporate identity and retail, environmental branding. CBX’s clients include Nestle, Johnson & Johnson, ExxonMobil, Orange, Marriott, Pfizer, General Mills, Colgate-Palmolive, etc.CBX, Coleman Worldwide Partnership, is present in the US, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Venezuela, United Kingdom, Netherlands, France, Poland, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Italy, Czech Republic, The Balkans, Greece, Turkey, China, Japan and Australia.Brandexcel is the DMI (Design Management Institute) representative in Greece. DMI is the largest global branding and design organization with 14.000 members.

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