Our services

– Branding Strategy
– Brand Positioning
– Brand Personality – Brandexcel Brand-Triangle ™
–  Branding Architecture
– Image Management
– Branding Research
– Qualitative and Quantitative research methodologies
– Brand Image research
– Pre & During naming research
– Brandexcel Name Evaluator
– Pre & During design research
– Brandexcel Design Evaluator
– Verbal Identity
– Product & Corporate naming Nomenclature Systems
– Corporate Slogans

Visual Identity
Product Brand:
Packaging Design, Structure design,
POS materials, Brochures etc.
Corporate Brand:
Logo, House-Style, Identity applications,
Signage, Annual reports, Brochures etc.
Interactive Design:
Website branding design
Environmental Branding:
Building branding, in-store branding,
in-store material design, exhibit and kiosk design